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Hi, my name is Ray and my wife's name is Connie. We are your local gutter guard professionals and run the Coffs Harbour and surrounding area Gutter Knight operation.

Gutter Knight is a premium gutter guard supply and installation business and we pride ourselves on our service, product and quality of workmanship.

We personally live just a few minutes out of Coffs at Toormina. I like to introduce myself as innovative, energetic, goal oriented and extremely customer focused. I derive satisfaction from the completion of my days work ensuring that I deliver and surpass my service to my customers. 

My wife Connie holds a Diploma in Business and a Degree in Management which means that all the important office work flows smoothly and our customers are looked after to a high standard.

To see how we can help you solve your gutter problems just contact us we would love to hear from you. We come to you and bring our mobile display unit so you can see exactly what the products are, how they are fitted and how they work. Looking forward to speaking with you very soon!


 I am so pleased we had gutter protection installed on our house. The major benefits are that the risk of climbing up to the roof to clean out the debris has been totally eliminated and the peace of mind of free flowing water, especially in storm weather is a bonus.


 Love the gutter protection on my house. I have no concerns at all when there is a down pour of rain, no matter how torrential! I have recently seen my neighbours up on ladders cleaning out leaf matter and other debris, and confidently smiled knowing that I would never need to do that again.

I really cannot emphasis enough how good this is. Not having to get up there myself, or have to pay someone to regularly clean out the gutters is so comforting.

I highly recommend that all houses should have gutter protection, not only because it’s a great product, but for the piece of mind and confidence you get from knowing it's there.


Thanks for the speedy and easy process guys. You did an excellent job and have already passed on your details to my neighbour. Very professional!


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